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September and October

Jase age 3  9/13

Logan age 2  10/13

Dates to Remember

Music ma is here the third Monday of the month.

Upcoming Events

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Message from Pete the Cat

Hi everyone, Pete the Cat is in the house...I've been away for awhile, and some of my other buddies have been the mascots for a while.  Well, now I am back for this school year and I'm excited to be with the kids again.  As you know our theme in the playroom is all about me, Pete the Cat and of course your kids too. I also have my own travel bag with me in it and a journal to write in and put pictures when I come to visit your house for the night.  Every 3 weeks I will be visiting your house again and with a new story to read...Just don't forget to take those pictures of me interacting with your child.  I love being with the kids so those pictures are important.  Here is to a brand new school year and lots of fun with the kids. 

Here are all our kids for the Preschool Program.  And also our After Schooler.


September is off to a great start with new kids starting our program, 

This summer and into September the following kids and families have joined our group.

Denzel joined August 1st.

Tyler and Logan joined August 15th

John joined us August 20th

Jase joined us August 27th

Ellie joined us Sept 10th

Liayda joined us Sept. 17th

Anthony joined us Sept. 17th.

This past summer we had several kids graduate out to kindergarten, and a couple of kids move out of area or join a different program.  So we are very pleased with all the new kids in our group.

Appropriate Clothing

The season is changing....and so are the types of clothing the kids will be wearing.

For the Fall please remember the following:

1. Long pants will be needed soon

2. light weight long sleeves will be needed

3. Light weight jackets or sweaters are needed now.  Please avoid pull overs, it's to hard for your child to get them on and off.  We encourage the kids to develop their self help skills.  So snaps or zip up jackets and sweaters are best. They need to bring a sweater or jacket daily.

6 And girls still need to wear shorts or leggings under dresses.  For the Fall and winter, leggings are warmer. .

7.  Shoes,  no open toed shoes, or backless shoes.  No flip flops or sandals.  NO SHOE STRINGS period.  Velcro is a must.  Or slips on that don't fall off. Shoes need to be durable, safe, and secure on their feet.  Have them wear socks with shoes so when we are in the house they have socks on their feet since shoes are removed

For the Winter:

1.  Heavier clothes such as pants and shirts.  Dress in layers

2.  Heavier jackets to wear so we can still go outside.

3.  All children need to bring jackets daily.

4.  Shoes,  that are Velcro, no shoe laces,  socks are a must. 

Potty Training kids:

1. No onesies,  no zipper pants, no belts, no one piece outfits, or suspenders. 

The clothes need to be elastic waisted, for easy slip up and down.   Be sure they are not to snug on them, the easier for them to slip and down the easier it for them to learn.(sweat pants, and soft cloth pants are easier, and leggings for the girls.)

2. Avoid long dresses,  they end up wet. 

CHECK YOUR CUBBY BOXES and update the clothes for the Fall and Winter months ahead.  Always make sure we have two sets of clothes in the Cubbies, and if we send something home bring a replacement set the next day.

How to make the mornings easier

How to Make Mornings Easier

Getting young children out the door on time each morning can be a hair-raising experience. Listed below are some tips for taking the mayhem out of the morning routine:

  • Have “practice mornings” when you’re not in a hurry. Try it on the weekend.
  • Make a guide for them by taking pictures of them doing all the things they need to do in the morning the posting them in a common area (IE on the refrigerator).
  • Set limits with enforceable statements. Here are some examples: “Breakfast will be on the table until the timer goes ding.” “I give treats to kids who brush their teeth.” “My car is leaving in just a little while. Will you be going with your clothes on your body or your clothes in a bag?”
  • Enforce these limits with plenty of loving empathy. This may mean taking your child to preschool in their pajamas or by expecting them to pay you for taking them to school when they are late. Hint: If you think you may need to take your child to school with their clothes in a bag, call the school and let them know ahead of time.

You can find more techniques in the Early Childhood Package.

Handling sibling Rivalry

Just about every family with more than one child experiences sibling rivalry. If your kids ever argue with each other, complain about each other, or tussle a bit, it  means that they are normal. Listed below are some tips for saving your sanity and turning sibling rivalry into a wonderful learning opportunity for your kids: Stay out of the problem whenever possible. Avoid teaching your children that fighting with each other is a good way to get your attention. Say to them, “It looks like you guys have a problem that you need to solve. I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions about solving this problem when both of you are calm. Separate them if necessary. If your kids continue to hassle your eyes and ears with fighting, say, “I’m going to have to do something about this. We’ll talk when everyone is calm.” Expect them to replace the energy they drained out of you by doing extra chores, hiring a babysitter so that you can go out and relax, staying home instead of being driven to their friend’s houses, etc. 

You can find more techniques in the Stress-Free Parenting Package.

Sticker Charts: Motivate Your Preschooler With a Reward System

Sticker Charts: Motivate Your Preschooler With a Reward System Use a sticker chart to address specific behavior problems

It might seem a little farfetched to think a sticker will change your preschooler's behavior. But when implemented well, a sticker chart can motivate a preschooler in a big way.

Although older kids usually require a more complex reward system, a sticker alone can often provide enough positive reinforcement to motivate preschoolers to change their behavior. If your child grows bored with stickers, however, you can certainly allow your child to exchange stickers for other tangible rewards.

When to Use a Sticker Chart

Sticker charts should be used when kids need a little extra helping addressing a specific behavior. For preschool age children, sticker charts can be a great tool to help with toilet training. Each time a child successfully uses the toilet, he earns a sticker.

Another behavior that responds well to a sticker chart is sleeping independently. If your child stays in his own bed all night place a sticker on his chart in the morning.

Other behaviors that respond well to sticker charts may include hygiene habits such as brushing teeth, washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes.

If your child struggles with a specific behavior such as aggression, implement a sticker chart to teach more socially appropriate alternatives. Give her a sticker each time she uses "gentle touches" or when she uses "her words instead of her hands," when she's angry.

Timing for Sticker Reinforcement

Preschoolers have short attention spans so they need frequent reinforcement to stay on track. For some kids, that may mean giving out a sticker every 10 to 15 minutes. Since it isn’t feasible to hand out stickers every 10 minutes throughout the entire day, you can set aside a specific time each day to monitor the behavior, such as between dinner and bedtime. During that time you can monitor your child’s play with a sibling and provide a sticker in 15-minute intervals.

How to Create an Effective Sticker Chart

The more involved you can get a child in learning about the sticker chart, the more motivated he will be. Allow him to decorate the chart and pick out special stickers he wants to earn. For many children, a blank piece of paper is all that is needed. Simply place a sticker on the paper each time your child earns one.

There are more complex charts that you can make or print out for free. More complex charts may include days of the week or columns to track your child's progress. But sometimes, simple charts work best.

Pick one behavior to address at a time. Frame the behavior positively so your child is aware of what behavior you want to see, not what behavior you don’t want to see. Say, “Use your hands for kind touches only,” instead of “Don’t hit.” Just be sure to explain to him what “kind touches” means.

Get Your Child Motivated to Earn Stickers

Explain the sticker chart to your child in an easy to understand manner. Frame the sticker chart as a positive way to help him learn something new.

Say, “I’m going to give you a sticker on this chart every time you use the potty to help you learn to use the bathroom.” Allow your child to ask any questions and make sure your child has a clear understanding of how stickers are earned.

Sticker charts are most effective when kids earn a sticker immediately after the desired behavior. So if your child earns stickers for using the potty, give him a sticker immediately following each success.

If you provide stickers after a certain time frame, such as after 10 minutes of playing nicely, be prompt when giving the reward. You can cheer your child on throughout the 10 minutes as well by saying things such as “Great job! If you keep sharing you’ll earn a sticker in a couple of minutes.”

Celebrate each time your child earns a sticker. Provide lots of praise and make each success a big deal. When your child doesn’t earn a sticker simply remind him he can try again next time. Don’t take away stickers or use it as a punishment or he'll lose motivation fast.

Phase out Stickers

As your child masters a new skill, slowly phase out stickers. Once she's toilet-trained or sleeping in her own bed, choose another behavior to address.

If she's no longer motivated by stickers, consider a more sophisticated reward system. A token economy system can be an effective alternative.

Although it can seem like a lot of work to use a sticker chart, it will save you time in the long run. A sticker chart will hopefully mean fewer consequences, like time-out. So look at your child's sticker chart as a good investment and a way to teach her appropriate behavior for the future.

The Music Man..

Mr. Paul the music man has been entertaining and teaching music to the kid for over  5 years here at Alexander Preschool.  Mr. Paul has been a great delight to the kids and they love it when he comes in every month.  He has also come to our preschool graduations and played music with the kids there,  he has joined us for the past 4 years for the Holiday Parents night out.  And he will be joining us again in December for this years Parents night out. t's been a privilege having Mr. Paul visit our child care and other child cares in the community.  We were his first assignment when he started this new adventure of doing music time with preschoolers.

I had met Paul when he requested to join the Sacramento Valley Association for the Education of Young Children.  We became friends and we started talking about his many talents and his love of music.  He was finishing up his Doctorial Degree and his Thesis was on music with children and the learning aspects on how children learn through Music.  And then the idea sprung up to put that into motion and literally visit the child cares and all the kids.  Now 5 years later he has several child cares he visits throughout the month plus the larger centers.  Every year he performs at various community events including the popular Banana Festival.  He has a band and they go out and play at these events, plus other events.  He travels around and attends conferences for Early Education and teaches workshops about the importance of music in Early Education.  We are grateful to have Paul has part of our Preschool. 

Apple Recipes

 this week:Delicious & Simple Apple Recipes

This is an awesome list of posts that bring you beautiful advice to make Delicious & Simple Apple Recipes a wonderful experience. Include your children in the reading. What do they think? I believe these will be great conversation starters for you as a family. Take a look! You will love them! And if you can, leave them a nice comment to let them know how much you liked their post.

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Delicious & Simple Apple Recipes

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Hot Spiced Cider

Sea Salt Baked Apple Chips

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

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Southern Skillet Fried Apples

Apple Spice Crumble Bars

And don’t forget to check out The Natural Homeschool’s featured post. We love making great materials and sharing about them with you! Come enter so you can enjoy your family game night to the fullest!

Delicious Apple Recipes & Kids’ Activities

Apple Cinnamon Muffin Recipe

A Message from Stouffer's

Stouffer’s Lasagna

When you start with fresh cheese & aged parmesan on top of hand layered pasta, you get the best lasagna.

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Apples, Apples & More Apples

All About Apples! {Free Printable}

A Message from NESCAFÉ Clásico

Comparte momentos unicos

Disfruta el inigualable sabor de NESCAFÉ Clásico.

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Simple Apple Mosaic Craft for Preschoolers

Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe to make with your children

Applesauce and Other Fall Recipes to Make with Children

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Most importantly, thank you for participating in our awesome “Delicious & Simple Apple Recipes” Link Party! We really appreciate you stopping by and be sure to come back next week for more awesome content!

 An Apple A Day: 365 Recipes with Creative Crafts, Fun Facts, and 12 Recipes from Celebrity Chefs Inside! Apples Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Apples The Apple Cookbook, 3rd Edition: 125 Freshly Picked Recipes Custom & Fancy {1 Np Crafts 12 Kids Apple Strawberry and Fruits Rubber Stamps Set

Parent Back to School Night

Back to School night

Wednesday Oct. 24th

Time:  5 pm  (day care closes 5 pm and we need everyone here by 5 p.m. 

No early pick up that day please.

This last for about an hour.

Parents get together see what the kids are up to,  ask questions,  have a snack get to know each other.  The kids won't see you,  they will be outside with Miss Jessica playing.  Once we are done inside,  we will go outside and see the kids and the surprise they have for the parents.

It will be a cell phone video moment. 


It is Flu and Cold Season again.  IN order to help keep the spread of germs down we are asking for Donations of the following items.

1.  Lysol Spray

2. Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes.

We already have plenty of Kleenex but the above items go much faster.  Kids will get colds, this is how they build up immunities  to each other, and slight colds are okay for a child to continue attending.  However, if the child is feverish, sluggish, lethargic,  not eating, or the mucus and coughing is uncontrollable they will need to stay home.  We also have pediatric face mast for the sneezers and coughers so they aren't coughing in each others faces.  Kids will be contagious with a cold or virus 3 days before symptoms show up....IF your child is exposed to anything,  any types of illness let us know right away so we can keep an eye out on the incubation period. 

Parents you are susceptible to catching work place illnesses.  So if you get sick avoid kissing, and face contact with your child to cut down on your child getting sick from you

The same with siblings.  IF one child gets sick keep him away from the other child.

WE want to keep your kids as healthy as possible so you are not missing work to care for them at home.  But there will be times when your child is to sick, or contagious to attend Child Care...Please be respectful to all families and do not secretly medicate your child to disguise a illness and bring them to child care. 

Helping to keep your kids well and non contagious also helps to keep the teachers well so they don't have to close because of illness.

KEEP IN MIND THAT HAND FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN SACRAMENTO.  click the link to find out more about this disease.

We also need the following items to use with the kids for arts and crafts

Magazines,  family type with lots of pictures.

recycle items, like paper towel rolls

egg cartons

clean mason jars, (small)

baby food jars (no more than 14)

Recyle items we can turn into something else (ask first)

When Your Child Is Sick


September Curriculum

Themes:   School days

Letters of the month:  S & T

Numbers:  2

Colors: Yellow


October Curriculum

ThemeFall Fun


Letters F – G

Numbers 5 – 6

Color Brown

Shape Oval

Theme: Pumpkin

 Letter P

Number 7

Color Orange

Shape Triangle

  Theme: Halloween

 Letter H

Number 8

Color Black

Shape Square


The pumpkin Patch field trip is one of our favorite field trips every year.  We also like to try different patches.  This year we are going to

DAVES pumpkin patch, WE have been there a few times over the years,  and it's been about 3 years since we went last so we figured this year would be a great time to return.

REMEMBER:  Care is closed for the day.  All children attending the field trip must be accompanied by a parent or family adult for the day.  You are welcome to bring other siblings along if you wish,  but they must also be paid for in advance as well.  Or any other kids and their friends wanting to join you for the day can pay separately at the gate but they will pay a different price. 

1.  I will collect the admission fee of $5.50 per child a couple of weeks before the actual field trip.  Parents are free. The day of the field trip I will be the one walking up and making the payment for the whole group in one lump sum. 

2.  The date for the field trip is Friday Oct. 19th.

3.  The time to meet there is 9:15 am.  You will drive yourself and child to the patch.  You can always collaborate with other parents to car pool if you wish.  Just be one time to the patch.

4.  Bring your own picnic lunch and beverages for the day.  Bring it in something to keep it cool.  There are picnic tables at the patch and we will gather there for lunch as a group, around 11:30 a.m.

5.  Dress according to weather and walking around on uneven ground and in the pumpkin patch.  Dress the kids in dirt friendly clothes.  Put jackets in the car for "just in case"

6. Pete the cat will join us on the field trip.

We will meet up with another Child Care/ Preschool that day.  Miss Jessica's school where she works,  her group and provider (a friend of mine) will meet us there. 

This is what your $5.50 covers for the field trip:

our cost includes:


Old Fashioned Hay Ride to the pumpkin field to pick your own pumpkin off the vine.


     A trip through the Corn Maze *

  • A run through the Hay Maze

  • A self-guided tour through the Pumpkin Patch

  • Unlimited Jumping Pillow

  • Educational activity book for each child with a free coupon to visit us again with family

  • A pumpkin your child can carry

  • And a choice between one gourd, Indian corn or mini pumpkin

  • In addition, as a class you will receive one pumpkin for your classroom

 Corn maze is extra. 


Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year.  This is what is planned for that day so be prepared.

1.  Kids can bring their costumes in a bag that day, with their name on bags.  No make up,  and easy to use face mask.

2. Kids will bring goody bags to share.  Count on 14 goody bags.

We will have a little Halloween snack time after naps.  The kids will wear their costumes,  and get ready and have a Halloween snack.

3.  Parent involvement.  Please arrive on time so we can all go together around the block trick or treating with the kids.  This is a long time tradition.  The kids are dressed and ready,  So bring a bag for them to carry.  They will also have another bag to take home with all the goody bags from their friends.

4. We go as a group door to door.  The kids love it,  we start at 5:30 with the families together, and we are done by 6:30 usually This usually is enough for these young kids for the evening.  Gives the parents time to do something for the evening. 

Just remember this is a time honored tradition.  So plan to be here and go group trick and treating on Wednesday October 31st. 

5. Pete the cat will join the kids.

Upcoming Events and Closures


Monday Sept. 3rd  CLOSED for Labor Day

Tuesday Sept. 4th BACK TO PRESCHOOL begins

Monday Sept. 17th MUSIC MAN DAY 


Monday Oct. 8th  CLOSED for Columbus day  CANCELED,  We will be open for anyone working that day and needing care.  I will forfeit this day this year, but keep it next year.

Monday Oct. 15th MUSIC MAN DAY

Friday Oct. 19th  PUMPKIN PATCH FIELD TRIP.  Day care closed for this field trip


Wed. Oct. 31st  Costumes and Halloween goodie bags to share &  parent trick/treating


Monday November 19th  MUSIC MAN DAY

Wednesday Nov. 21st.  Close 12:30/  followed with Parent Harvest Luncheon

Thur/Fri  Nov.  22, 23rd.  CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING


Friday Dec. 14th  PARENTS NIGHT OUT (free) & Music man

Friday Dec. 21st.  CLOSE  5 PM.  EARLY -  Meet up at Round Table pizza at 6:30 pm. for Christmas party. 

Monday Dec. 24th  Through Tuesday January 1st.  CLOSED FOR WINTER BREAK

New schedules will be sent out in January 2019 

Year to Date Tax receipt for fees paid for 2018  will be issued by end of January,  first of February.